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Why Should I Go Solar?

Reasons to Go Solar

  • 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit: This is a nonrefundable credit, but is instead used as a credit for taxes owed and will roll on to future years until credit is used.

  • Lower electric bills: Systems can be sized to produce as much as 100% of your usage.

  • Utility Incentives: Utilities such as Ameren pay $0.25/Watt for solar installed, so for every 1,000w (1kw) of solar installed Ameren will credit you $250.

  • Save Money: through savings, solar will pay back your initial investment in as little as 12 years, leaving you with 13+ years of warranties and lower electric bills. It pays to go solar!

  • Add value to your home: A home's resale value can increases by as much as $5,911 per 1kw of solar installed. So the average sized system could potentially add $20,000+ to the value of your home!

  • Built to last: Solar systems will last 25+ years.

  • Manufacturer Warranties: Covers up to 20 years of protection on inverters and up to 25 years on both panels and mounting hardware. *Coverage based on manufacturer discretion*

  • Protection against rising electric rates: In the past 10 years the national average electrical price has increased by 15% which is a little more then $0.02/kwh/year. So a $100 electric bill now will be $142.17 in 25 years.

  • Freedom from the Utility Companies: with an off-grid system be 100% independent from the utility with your own electric generation system.

  • Sell back surplus electricity: Some utility companies offer the option to sell back the surplus electricity your system produces at a rate determined by them. *Ameren offers this program*

  • Cleaner future: Coal, fossil fuels and nuclear energy have harmful effects on our environment. They harm our health, air, water, climate and landscape. Renewable energies, such as solar, reduce those effects because they produce no harmful emissions! 

  • Sustainable Future: Current means of power resources are running out and with solar power the sun is a renewable source.

  • Have protection: Home owners insurance will cover your system.

  • Extend roof life: Solar panels protect the roof from weather elements such as rain, snow, and ice. It also shades the roof from the beating sun and protects the roof from wear and tear from the sun, it will also absorb more heat onto the panels instead of the roof to help out heating and cooling for your house. 

  • Low maintenance: Only an occasional cleaning could be needed to help production. 

  • SMA's secure power supply function: Allows you to still have limited power when the sun is out during a power outage.

  • Off-grid: Complete independence from the utility company, no electric bill and protection against grid blackouts. 

  • Battery backup: Store power for grid blackouts and to use at night to further lower your electric bill.

  • Financing available: Start with $0.00 down and save money immediately.

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